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Fertilizer And Seed

Techno green has partnered with Awwal Seed, Pvt Ltd and The Summe Fertilizer for supply an extensive range of high quality cropping fertilizers and seeds. Our fertilizers have superior handling and storage characteristics, which can reduce the likelihood of seeding issues and result in less down-time and greater profitability. We offer a number of full compound fertilizers (where every granule contains all elements in the composition) such as DAPSZC®, MAPSZC®, Vigour and Gusto, in addition to custom blends designed to meet your specific needs. We are currently in the process of upgrading ourselves in the field of Pasture Fertlizer and introducing new range like Pasture CZM, Pasture Potash 32, 21, 31 and 51, Pasture Boost, Hay, Dairy and Dairy TE.